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ArcGIS Online Template: Strengths/Constraints

Extent & Content of Map

Numbering Tombs, Tomb-Number Series

Satellite Mapping Coordinates

Getting Started

♦ Orientation

♦ Turning Layers and Maps On and Off

♦ Selecting and Searching for Tombs

♦ Photographs and Web Pages of Each Tomb

♥ Photographs

♥ Demolition of Naga el-Horobat

♥ Accessing Photos and Web Pages

♦ Navigating by GPS in the Necropolis

Organization of OLGIS-TN Database

Main View Layout (Map Viewer)

Navigation Pane: Main Menus

Legend Menu

Layers Menu:

♦ Layers Pop-up Menu

♦ All Theban Tombs

♦ Topographical Maps

Base Map Gallery

More Menu:

♦ Select

♦ Draw

♦ Find & Buffer

♦ Identify tombs near to me

♦ Share this Site

Determining Location Coordinates:

♦ Find Coordinates of Points & Features

Calculate Lengths and Areas:

♦ Measure Length & Distance

♦ Measure Area Dimensions

Attribute Table:

♦ Data Fields

♦ Usurpers & Usurpation in the Table

Custom Searching Attribute Table:

♦ Search the Open Table

♦ Print/Download Maps

♦ Print/Download Records

♦ Clear & Close Table Search

Usurpers & Usurpation of Tombs

How to Perform Searches & Selections:

♦ Keyword Search

♦ Filtered Search

Selection & Search by Area or Location:

♦ Select

♦ Find & Buffer

♦ Find Using GPS

♦ Identify tombs near to me (+GPS)

Clear a Search

Print Search Results (Maps and Data):

♦ Printing & Downloading Maps

Export & Open Data Outside OLGIS-TN:

♦ Export Tomb Data from Active Search Result

♦ Export Layers & Maps to ArcGIS Desktop

Other Functions:

♦ Contribute Data to OLGIS-TN

♦ Alter Visualization of Layers